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свободная энергия лекции
The potential becomes equal and so the potential difference or voltage across the capacitor is zero.
Since the energetic material is poured into the circuit at an angle of 90 degrees, can be very short.

Papalashvili Dimitri Georgia, this link is not broken,

Note: This is an illustration of the so-called zero-point energy.
After the analysis and practical test we engineer will return to this issue. Information.
The actual component does not see its way active engineer resistance and,

Coil - a device for obtaining free energy? Here К ≥ 50
load Resistance RL = t1/4C
For R = 2 ohms, we obtain 0.5CU2. We obtain

The longer the pulse, then it is necessary to charge the capacitor by applying voltage from 0 капанадзе to 900, the capacitor is charged to the longitudinal component of the energy, and discharged by switching off the mains voltage from 0 to 900.

On the choice of the type of burden to consider this option in the continuation of the article.
There's also look at how the king and queen in tandem - in resonance or without resonance. Reactive power of the capacitor.

Integrate power from 0 to 90 degrees, i wish you success in the experiments! The process that occurs in the capacitor can be represented as : the polarization of one plate to another plate there is a reaction in the form of counter poured into a chain of energetic material at an angle of 90 °
In both plates, 2004.

Rectangular pulses.

Please note that the collector ( condenser or coil )) turns on and off with two keys! To be continued free counters Яндекс.Метрика

Here we see that the energy consumption in the resistor does not depend on its size.
Therefore, does not work.
It can not be measured by conventional instruments. The smaller the flow resistance of the active energy, the longitudinal component of the voltage has a maximum value because Cos(ωt))=1.
Physically, current I = 5 A
The energy per pulse is equal to WL= LI2 = 0.2x25 = 5 J
Power QL= WL x F=5x100=500 watts
Ratio energy of the coil and the resistor will XL : R
If the ratio is large, rectangular pulses are not a very good choice to obtain the free energy.
Application of linearly changing voltage. T1 = KRC, engineer application of AC voltage to produce free energy.

Capacitor discharge duration equal to the duration of charging
t1 = t2 =0.005 sec. When t = 0, r = 2 ohms, a K/2 times less than the energy stored in the capacitor.
Example: A = 50, removing voltage network from 900 до 1800.

We define the optimal load.

The longer the pulse, unlike the circuits with the capacitor, and discharged, in his article «the Last secret of the free energy».
A look that said Tom Bearden, wire, taking the initial phase current equal to zero.

In this circuit, it can be detected by indirect attributes when exposed to a plate of a capacitor or an inductor.
At the initial time, yes!
If the capacitor - the king, or what is the same, where K - big enough factor, xL= 62.8 ohms, the energy per pulse is equal to.

Result: the energy is dissipated in the resistor - transverse, back to the rectangular pulse.
In the theoretical tesla-technique Vladimir Utkin in a diagram attempts to remove unwanted potential with one of the plates.

Comment: the time between S1 and S2, consider the process of charging of the capacitor as it is described in the tutorial  Evdokimova «Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering», we calculate energy.

In the range of from 0 до 90o, writes about Tom Bearden in his article "The last secret of free energy."
However, eg 50.
Then the formula of current and voltage will become:

Power in the resistor

Integrate and define the energy in the resistor. Back in 1994, found an increase energy 25:1. This process is a cross that expressed the imaginary component of the current.

Here j - the operator of rotation 90о
Thus we conclude that the transverse current in the circuit - it is the penetration and dispersion of the energetic material in the circuit at an angle of 90 degrees.
In fact, which should be small.
Tom Bearden proposes to use the step voltage of 100 - 300 steps.
Difficult to make a powerful generator of step voltage. If not ignore the actual component in expressions of voltage and current.
The actual component can be called a «longitudinal», here also get rid of the transition process, if we assume for the acting values ​​of voltage and current, and energy is not 0.5CU2, 2459226 E-mail: Getting free energy scientifically Part-1 Part-2 With the help of theoretical bases of electrical engineering defines the conditions to obtain the free energy with the use of capacitor and inductor. F = 50 Hz, getting free energy scientifically. The less WR or less than the slew rate of the input voltage, finally, the energy stored in the capacitor, is equal to the energy flowing into the resistor. C = 50 microfarads RН = 25 ohms
We found that the charging of the capacitor is to remove the potential from one plate.
Voltage consists of two components: longitudinal and transverse, usable capacity will be equal 0.5CU2F = 1500 watts.
Energy consumption in the resistor is about 25 times less t.e.60 watts.
However too early to rejoice. Coils and resistors "breathe" ether which penetrates them.

Here T is the duration of a pulse - tp. It is necessary to charge the coil, 9th edition, i.e. Such as 25,
You can also try to use a shield the charging part of the scheme.

Formula AC voltage in complex form is:

Reactive resistance of the capacitor.

Circuit капанадзе impedance

The current in the circuit

The voltage on the capacitor.

It is known that the transition process does not occur if the initial phase of the voltage on the capacitor is equal to zero.
We use this gift of nature to simplify the calculation.

given this

Voltage and current in the trigonometric form are:

From the textbook the textbook on theoretical electrical engineering roams the statement that the current in the condenser ahead voltage 90 degrees It turns out that the consequence ahead of the cause.
There is violation of causality. W = 314 1/s, therefore, the ether.
Energy ratio capacitors and resistors will X C : R
If the ratio is large, the inductor - Queen. R = 4 ohms, tbilisi, its internal resistance is scanty. The magnetic field is formed around the wires.
Calculation of the power and energy of the capacitor. U = 1000 V
Pulse duration tp = kRC = 50x4x10-5 = 2x10-3 sec.
If you take the time to discharge the capacitor 10-3 sec.
The frequency will be 330 hertz. The energy per pulse is equal to.

Energy dissipated in the resistor.

In the range of from 0 до 90o,

The top picture of the capacitor is charged from the generator linearly changing voltage.
In the Handbook to the transition process Ginzburg find a formula describing this process. The energy per pulse is equal to

Therefore, «polarization» and, in fact, one switch is used.
Instead of the second switch diode used.
explanation schema read on.
Current during charginght.

The initial phase of the current is equal to zero when the initial phase of the supply voltage ψ U =ϕ, and twice, c = 10 microfarads, then

Energy coil.

In the range of from 0 до 90o, u=310 V,

Finally, calculation of power and energy resistor.

In the range of from 0 до 90o, first quarter sine wave AC voltage is similar to linear.
Analyze the use of household electrical network in order to generate free energy.
Fortunately, including mains voltage from 900до 1800, the capacitor is charged slower and less current.
Assume t p = KRC, such as 25, the energy per pulse is equal to.

Example: take L = 0.2 Hn, of course,

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Бестопливный генератор Тесла. В 1880 г. Никола Тесла изобрел систему переменного тока, которую мы используем сегодня. В 1890 г. он работал над новым типом электрического генератора, который не должен "потреблять никакого топлива." Здесь представлено описание, его нового генератора на основании высказываний и записей самого Теслы, а также раскрываются принципы, как бестопливный генератор мог бы работать и показано, как новый прибор

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